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You are welcome to our midst

Welcome to Louis and Lois Nursery/Primary School. Choosing the right School for your Children is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have made. We believe our Web Portal will give you some insights into the ways we operate and what we offer.

As a School, we have a deep understanding of the meaning of our mission statement “...to produce children driven by purpose and fear of God to excel in life pursuits and early life challenges of leadership, responsibilities and academic excellence”

We welcome Pupils and Staff who are from all works of life to our School but we expect everyone without exception to support our mission statement.

We have an obligation to challenge Pupils to strive for the highest standards both in learning and in their lives.

At Louis and Lois, we want our Children to be exactly what we want them to be as Parents. We can achieve that only with our active support and involvement. We hope you will join us to make our journey a rewarding and fruitful one.

Once again, you are welcome.

Mrs Catherine Asekhauno

Mrs Catherine Asekhauno

Mr Oladipupo Agbeni

Mr Oladipupo Agbeni

Transport Officer 1
Mrs Maria Ofre

Mrs Maria Ofre

Care Giver
Mrs Alice Oladokun

Mrs Alice Oladokun